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Wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are facing real challenges as the data-tsunami unfolds. Due to the strain smart-phones and other data hungry devices place on wireless networks, carriers must increase capacity to meet the demands of their users. There are several ways to accomplish this initiative, but the most straightforward way is to install more antennas. However, as industry owners are aware, once a tower is full, it is full.

Although towers are being constructed in rural areas, the real estate picture of the dense concrete jungles we live in portrays a different view. Tower construction in large-urban areas is no longer a viable option. As a result, no towers equal no antennas to support expanding data usage. This chain of events has led carriers to ask building owners to place rooftop antennas on top of their existing structures. This suitable alternative to building towers has benefited the real estate market enormously. The industry once thought of as the “tower business” has essentially become a real estate play. Philip Brown has led the M&A market transition over the last five years, placing Quantum Group and its clients at the doorstep of this growing opportunity.

Quantum Group understands the value of recurring cash flows and how it benefits the daily lives of our clients. The goal at Quantum Group is not to force clients out of their rooftop cash flows. Quantum was founded on far better principals and is not interested in wasting client’s hard earned time to advance our interests. Quantum Group wants to explore the sale of your rooftop assets because of market timing and the value we can achieve for your rooftop leases.

With Quantum Group, the ball is always in your court. Quantum’s job is to increase value for our client’s rooftop leases, and our success is contingent on client satisfaction. Quantum is the leading industry broker able to professionally market your rooftop assets.

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