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The current demand for data-intensive smart phones requires greater capacity. However, capacity is in short supply as wireless carriers struggle to meet the needs of their customers. For decades, communication towers have essentially been the backbone for connecting wireless signals. As the 21st century unfolds, though, antenna sizes are being reduced to the size of books as companies figure out more efficient ways to broadcast cellular data. The need for steel structures to support heavy equipment is a dying trend. In dense metropolitan areas, the real estate does not exist to construct multiple tower sites–or even one for that matter. Rooftops of business owners, schools, and churches are now becoming the new antenna skyline for connecting wireless signals. The infrastructure picture of the past is taking new form.

Yet in American Tower's recent quarterly conference call senior executives stated that macro tower sites will carry the majority of wireless data until 2017. American Tower’s revenues are in fact growing quite steadily. So why the dying trend remarks? Well, the fact that the towers are carrying the majority of capacity does not mean they are efficient. 0nly 10% of wireless customers experience true 4G. If this is the case, it seems something greater than macro sites is required. In dense urban markets this is most apparent. However, site proximity can alleviate macro cell tower capacity issues and where organic growth is not a viable option for these companies, there is significant value added to your tower sites.

As a direct result of the capacity issue and the need for antenna space, tower infrastructure owners are being offered premiums for their assets. The dying trends are irrelevant to buyers because they are concerned with dominating the last mile. Small tower owners cannot compete on the same levels as these public companies and will ultimately lose the battle. Quantum Group firmly understands the dynamics of this market and believes that these are opportune times to consider selling your tower assets. Tower cash flows are a beautiful thing, but given that future technologies are rapidly coming to fruition and premiums are being offered to walk away from the uncertainty of future consolidation, Quantum highly recommends taking a look at we can do for your assets.

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